Custom Fitting

Custom Fitting

What is Custom Fitting?

Fittings are necessary for players of all levels to ensure their equipment is properly fitted to their posture, tempo, shot tendencies, dynamic swing characteristics and comfort.  We have a large stock of fitting clubs with various shafts, head designs, lofts and lies that we will use to prove that a proper fit will improve your shot consistency.  Fittings can result in retrofitting, restoring loft & lie angles or new custom fit and built clubs.

Fittings are available for Drivers, Woods, Hybrids, Irons, Wedges and Putter.  A full bag fitting includes consultation of the full bag makeup to insure you have proper distance gaps and the tools to help you play to your strengths and improve your weaknesses.

Custom Fitting is not an exact science.  There are many variables such as a player’s build and athleticism that can effect the overall fitting for a player.  Also, each golfer has an individual swing style and swing tendencies that lend themselves better to certain club features and characteristics.

 Current Set Analysis

We will analyze your set for consistency in length, lie, loft, flex, weight, swing weight, and shaft characteristics.  This is a good start to understand what is in your bag and may begin to explain inconsistencies that you frequently face.

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