TTCF Custom Fit Program At Tri-State Golf

Tee Time Golf Complex is the only certified
Customing Fitting facility in the Tri-State area.

TTCF Custom Fit Program(TTCF)  Step #1 - The player evaluation and intial consultation. During this phase, we gather pertinent information about your game, your swing,  and current clubs. This information helps us to determine what type of a fitting you might benefit from, and how we might be able to help you improve your overall game.  An appointment is required.  (takes 10-15 minutes)

TTCF Custom Fit Program At Tri-State Golf(TTCF)  Step #2 - This is the ball-flight and swing analysis phase. You will be required to hit shots with many clubs, come prepared. We will take you through an in depth fitting with our Zelocity PureLaunch Monitor (FAQ's about Zelocity). This sophisticated system uses highly accurate state-of-the-art doppler radar technology to measure your club and swing information. Our qualified professional will interprete the data and go through it in detail with you. At this phase we can discuss suggestions for golf balls and equipment. A full analysis and print-out will be provided to you upon completion of the this phase. (takes 30-60 minutes)

(TTCF) Step #3 - This is phase where we assist you in picking out the correct equipment for your game. This can include anything from custom clubs, new shafts in your existing clubs, or even ordering OEM manufactured clubs from some of the major suppliers, such as Titleist, Callaway, Ping, Cleveland, or Mizuno.  We are comminted to making you the best golfer possible. Sometimes a fitting may suggest little changes such as loft and lie adjustment or a new shaft. We will give you the advise you need. We are interested in keeping you a happy returning customer to Tee Time Golf Complex, were definately not interested in making just a quick sale.

Fitting Cost:  Fittings cost $60.00

To schedule a fitting call Tee Time Golf Complex at (812)473-2010.