Custom Fitting

Custom Fitting

What is Custom Fitting?

Fittings are necessary for players of all levels to ensure their equipment is properly fitted to their posture, tempo, shot tendencies, dynamic swing characteristics and comfort.  We have a large stock of fitting clubs with various shafts, head designs, lofts and lies that we will use to prove that a proper fit will improve your shot consistency.  Fittings can result in retrofitting, restoring loft & lie angles or new custom fit and built clubs.

Fittings are available for Drivers, Woods, Hybrids, Irons, Wedges and Putter.  A full bag fitting includes consultation of the full bag makeup to insure you have proper distance gaps and the tools to help you play to your strengths and improve your weaknesses.

Custom Fitting is not an exact science.  There are many variables such as a player’s build and athleticism that can effect the overall fitting for a player.  Also, each golfer has an individual swing style and swing tendencies that lend themselves better to certain club features and characteristics.

 Current Set Analysis

We will analyze your set for consistency in length, lie, loft, flex, weight, swing weight, and shaft characteristics.  This is a good start to understand what is in your bag and may begin to explain inconsistencies that you frequently face.

Fitting Types

This option is the most comprehensive and best value for your fitting dollar. Our expert fitter will dive into your complete bag from driver down to putter. Using TrackMan 4 Analysis and our club fitting matrix, our expert fitter will determine the proper equipment and build specifications for the whole set.

The tee shot sets the tone for the hole. Every golfer wants to confidently drive the golf ball. The driver, more than any other club, must have the right combination of shaft and loft. We have the newest designs from every major manufacturer. We understand how to help our clients build the perfect formula for success in the driving game.

These clubs, Hybrids, Fairway Woods, and Utilities are going to hit the longest shots from off the turf. It is imperative that we find the optimum loft, shaft characteristic and head design that will get that ball airborne and ready to bite on the green. These clubs end up being trusted friends on par 5’s, long par 3’s and many par 4’s.

The Wood Fitting will encompass a comprehensive session to determine the proper equipment for your entire long game. We will use the TrackMan data optimizer to determine the proper clubhead and shaft combinations and gap out all of your long game clubs so they blend into your iron set naturally.

These clubs are built for precision and it is important for each client to understand their options. A club must be visually appealing, while at the same time the player must be able to AIM the club and FEEL the clubhead. Every shot is the combination of distance and accuracy, and we will help reveal the perfect clubhead and shaft combination that will provide optimum trajectory, distance and control.

As we get closer to the hole, precision becomes more important. Our clients will match their swing with the correct combination of loft, bounce, and design to dial in precise distance control, trajectory and turf interaction. Wedges are typically purchased as a group that provide precise yardages and a club to meet the needs of any short game situation.

Fitting Types

The majority of our shots are with the putter, so finding the right instrument is the key to scoring. We must control the line with perfect aim and control speed with solid contact. No place in golf is personal preference more important. We will use the latest technologies and designs to help reveal the putter that best matches the way you like to putt.

This option provides a true Full-Service Professional Club Fitting. With this option, we will provide you with an analysis of your method and your equipment. This program is designed for the player who feels like they need to improve their method, through professional instruction, before they invest in the best equipment available to them. This can be accomplished through: A) a player video/ TrackMan analysis, or B) through professional instruction / method building. This can be achieved through one lesson or a series, designed to touch on each aspect of the game. The client will know when it is time to make best use of the professional fitting experience. Our goal is to provide complete client satisfaction. Our players will be comfortable and confident that they have taken care to fully address every need in their game and designed a path to solid, lasting improvement. Our relationship will be ongoing, as we work together to meet the changing needs that arise in your golf game. Whether it is club building or method building, we are committed to providing the best service, at fair prices and at a timely manner.

Technology Used


TrackMan 4 is a doppler radar based launch monitor that allows us to measure club data and ball data in real time. The TrackMan numbers are the brain behind it all. All major stakeholders of the game, without exception, use and trust TrackMan numbers for two main reasons: precision and reliability. With TrackMan, you will discover the importance and advantage of receiving instant and actionable feedback on club delivery, launch, ball flight, and landing. We used this reliable data to help make equipment recommendations to our clients.


We use the Club Conex fitting system so that we can mix and match endless shaft and clubhead combinations. By using our brand agnostic approach along with the most comprehensive fitting solution in the industry, we are able to instantly build demos during your clubfitting to find the perfect fit. With the TrackMan 4 data validation, we can find the right combination to improve your game.


Clubfitting, by definition, involves helping the golfer maximize their abilities as a player, by furnishing them with the equipment most suited to their abilities as an athlete and player. We will help our clients be CONFIDENT in, COMFORTABLE with and PROUD of their equipment. Our goal is to use our expertise to educate the player and assist them in designing the perfect set of clubs. A well-fit set of clubs becomes a cohesive team of precision instruments, assembled to shoot the lowest scores. We must love every club in the bag and have full trust in its performance abilities. Think of the difference between simply purchasing clubs off of the rack and having each club personally designed to fit your natural instincts and athletic abilities.

All clubfitting sessions are scheduled appointments only. During your fitting, we will assess your current equipment to establish a baseline for performance. Our expert clubfitter will work with you on the TrackMan 4 to optimize your shot performance using the many shaft and clubhead combinations in our studio. At the end of the clubfitting appointment, we will provide you with the results of your fitting along with a quote to purchase the equipment.

Yes – To protect our time and the scheduling options for other clients, we require payment for the fitting appointment at the time it’s scheduled. Please use the appointment calender to schedule/pay for your appointment.

Typically no – If you feel your swing is not consistent enough for a clubfitting, you can schedule our Swing Analyis appointment for a recommendation. We want you to feel comfortable with your decision.

We will build your club as an exact replica of the demo club that performs the best. We will only guarantee the fitting results if the order is placed.

Unfortunately no – Due to our investment in the fitting technology and vast array of shaft and clubhead demos, we must charge for our services.

Your custom equipment will typically be completed within 10-14 business days of the time the order is placed. In many cases, the turnaround time will be sooner. The lead time is contingent on component availability, but we will do everything we can to expedite the process for you.

We certainly stand behind our fitting recommendation and build process. If you feel like your custom club is not performing to expectation, we invite you to reschedule another follow up session free of charge. We will modify or change your equipment, if necessary, to produce the best results possible for you.

Yes we can – Just let your clubfitter know that you would like the equipment shipped when the order is placed.

Our fittings are all conducted in an indoor TO outdoor environment. You will physically be inside, but will watch the ball flight outdoors. This way, we can control elements around you, but actually see the ball fly. There is no substitute for watching the actual ball flight during a clubfitting.[/vc_col{“type”:”block”,”srcClientIds”:[“4b63f3b5-79f0-484e-8b19-e850f52e25e3″],”srcRootClientId”:””}umn_text]

Please bring your golf clubs, golf shoes, and comfortable clothes.

We accept cash, check, or credit card. Payment in full is required when the order is placed.

While it’s impossible to carry every possible club, we carry the top major shaft and clubhead equipment manufacturers. Feel free to reach out directly before you clubfitting if you have any questions.


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