Evansville Jr. Golf Association

The Evansville Junior Golf Association is a 501-C3 Non Profit Corporation founded in 1979. The membership based orginization promotes the game of golf to Boys and Girls, 5 to 18 years of age. All members recieve professional golf instruction and have a summer schedule of golf tournaments in which they can participate. The E.J.G.A. insures that every child has the opportunity to play the game of golf regardless to financial needs.

Evansville Junior Golf Association

An EJGA Membership is required to participate in any EJGA event. You must also read the Policies and Procedures document.
Direct all inquiries related to membership and tournaments to ejgamail@gmail.com
Below are the forms required to join E.J.G.A. and enter tournaments.

2020 EJGA

EJGA Policies and Procedures –  Must Read

2020 EJGA Point System

EJGA Membership Application

Pee Wee Tour Ages 5-11; # Holes Vary

Prep Tour Boys Ages 12-13; 9 Holes

Prep Tour Boys Ages 14-18; 18 Holes

Prep Tour Girls Ages 12-18; 9 Holes

Master Series Boys & Girls Ages 12-18

City Tournaments

Pee Wee City Ages 7-11; 9 Holes

Boys Prep Ages 12-14 City; 18 Holes

Boys Prep Ages 15-18 City; 18 Holes

Girls Prep Ages 12-18 City; 18 Holes

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EJGA Policies and Procedures

2020 EJGA Point System

EJGA 2020 Membership Application

2020 Pee Wee Tour

2020 Boys Prep Tour 12-13

2020 Boys Prep Tour 14-18

2020 Girls Prep Tour 12-18

2020 Master’s Series

City Tournament Entry Forms

2020 Pee Wee  City

2020 Boys Prep City 12-14 – CLOSED

2020 Boys Prep City 15-18 – CLOSED

2020 Girls Prep City 12-18 – CLOSED