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Tee Time is your go-to golf center to tune your clubs with the custom shop and make sure your clubs are perfect for your game.  From new shafts, to loft and lie adjustments, we can take your stock clubs and turn them into exactly what will fit your swing.  Come see why we are the go-to shop in Evansville, Newburgh and the Tri-State for customizing golf clubs. If you can dream it, we can build it.


Get The Grips You Love

Explore our range of top line grip options to suit your hand size and playing style. Experience enhanced control, reduced tension, and improved shot consistency with the perfect grip. Choose from various materials and textures to create a grip that feels like an extension of your hands.
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Shaft Your Clubs

Discover a selection of custom shafts, designed to optimize your swing mechanics and increase distance. Select the ideal flex, weight, and material to match your unique swing speed and tempo. Unleash your true potential with shafts tailored to your game, delivering accuracy and power.
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Loft & LIe

The Angles Never Lie

Fine-tune your ball flight and trajectory with our custom loft options for drivers, irons, and wedges. Personalize the loft angles to address your swing tendencies and achieve consistent performance. Enjoy complete control over your shots, from soaring drives to pinpoint approaches.
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Custom Fittings

The detail

Experience the difference a comprehensive custom fitting can make in your game. Discover the perfect combination of grips, shafts, lofts, and lie angles for your unique swing. Trust our experts to provide personalized recommendations that maximize your potential on the course.
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Check Out The Prices Of Our Club Customization

New Club Assembly
(per club)

  • Graphite Shaft - Irons $15.00
  • Steel Shaft - Irons $10.00
  • Graphite Shaft - Woods $15.00
  • Steel Shaft - Woods $10.00

RE-Shaft Clubs
(per club)

  • Re-Shaft Steel- Irons $10.00
  • Re-Shaft Graphite - Irons $15.00
  • Re-Shaft Steel - Woods $10.00
  • Re-Shaft Graphite - Woods $15.00


  • Tee Time purchased grips

    Price includes installation

  • Customer Supplied Grips (per grip) $3.00

Adjust Loft and Lie

  • Check Loft and Lie per set $20.00
  • Adjust Loft and Lie per Club $5.00
  • Adjust Loft and Lie per Set $40.00

Remove Shaft

  • Steel Shaft $10.00
  • Graphite Shaft $15.00

Lengthen/Shorten Clubs

  • Lengthen Steel Shaft $4.00

    Per Club

  • Lengthen Graphite Shaft $5.00

    Per Club

  • Shorten Shafts (Steel or Graphite) $40.00

    Per Set

  • Note About Grips

    Grips will be saved and re-installed if possible; Otherwise new grips will need to be purchased


What Do Golfers Think Of Tee Time?

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Great place to get fitted, I had my 15 year old daughter fitted with new ping irons and the they were all great to work with. I would recommend getting fitted at tee time !!!

Matt Mills Google Reviews

Personal, thorough, and due to their open door assessment facility unique club fitting. Very pleased with my entire experience.

Jack Deppe Google Reviews

Mitch and the entire teaching staff are wonderful to work with. Great place to hit range balls and get top level instruction.

Brad Johnson Google

Tee Time is a great practice facility and has a really nice par 3 course! The staff is top notch!

Kurt Seib Google

Excellent facilities including range, putting and chipping greens, practice bunker and par 3 course; with a friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Jonathan Andrews Google

Fantastic place to hit golf balls. Friendly staff and good family fun.

Matt Mulherin Google

Great practice facility. Mitch and crew always make you feel welcome along with timely repairs and re-grips.

Steven Mobley Google

Always a great place to work on your game. Lots of used clubs inside as well.

Kevin Asbell Google

Great place to go to practice. Mitch is awesome with getting Juniors the right set of clubs for them. Highly recommend them. They have a nice fitting center too! The par 3 course is nice as well. Creating some great memories there with our 8 y/o.

Matt Conville Google

I work with the Evansville Jr. Golf Association. The management and staff of that program are absolutely the best. Junior golfers involved in the program are fortunate to have such a wonderful program!

Michael Woodward Google